Ring Documentation Walkthrough #1 – Installation

The only resource now for Ring Language is the official documentation, so the best way to learn is to go through it.

I will start with Installing the Ring Language (Video is coming soon):

1-go to the official webpage : here

2-click on download on the top of the page, you will see 3 sections there, Documentation downloads, Binary Releases and finally the libraries and tools.

3-go ahead and click on download for windows or click this link here.

4-after downloading you will have a ZIP file, just uncompress it.

5-to run the Ring Notepad (Editor) run start.bat

6-Congratulations!, You’re done here.

This is how to download the Ring for windows, it’s so simple.

I will start at the next post by actual programming using Ring.


Ring Documentation Walkthrough #1 – Installation

3 thoughts on “Ring Documentation Walkthrough #1 – Installation

  1. And you need to run start.bat every time when you want to code ring, Am i right ? Well, i wrote a hello world program, but when i run it, console window apperared and vanished.
    Example in Ring’s documentation never says that we need to put a console.Waitkey or something like that in order to prevent the console from closing.


    1. ribonsamr says:

      Well, you don’t have to run start.bat everytime, you can directly work with the ring.exe file from Command Prompt if you’re using a windows os.


    2. ribonsamr says:

      And about the second part of your question, of course after the execution of your code, the console windows will close because there’s no any other lines to execute, in this case you can use the give function: “give ” that will wait for user’s input.
      Example: “give x”


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