Ring Documentation Walkthrough #5.1 – Loops

Of course loops are so important in any app you create, so in Ring it’s so simple to work with.

Let’s discuss at the beginning the While Loop.

While Loop:

while (....)
       your code... #pythonic way
#or you can write it here, while it's in the range before 'end' and after while.

It’s familiar, no need for examples here.

For Loop:

It’s a combination of python and VisualBasic.NET.

Example :

for x = 1 to 10
    see x
for x = 1 to 10 see x next #inline format ?!

Example 2:

for x = 10 to 0 step -1
     see x + nl #newline

Example 3:

list = [1,2,3,4,5]
for i in list
   see i + nl
list = ['amr', 'ahmed', 'youssef']
for i in list see i + ' ' next #inline format

Example 4 – Editing lists through the For Loop:

P.S. the example by : Eng. Mahmoud Samir.

aList = 1:3
see aList
for x in aList
switch x 
on 1 x = "one"
on 2 x = "two"
on 3 x = "three"
see aList

Do Again Loop:

     your code ...

Example :

x = 10
        see x + nl
again x > 0

Last two things to add,

In python we use continue to keep the loop looping, and the word break

In ring we are using loop to keep it looping as continue, and the word exit to cut off the loop as break

I will talk about some little things in the next post to stop there and make a training post, that includes examples, problems, small apps .. etc.

Thank you.


Ring Documentation Walkthrough #5.1 – Loops

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