Ring Documentation Walkthrough #11 – Math

Welcome to the new Chapter, we’ll talk about the mathematical functions.

First of all, the list of the main functions are here, i won’t include them in the post because they’re easy to understand.

So, there’re 3 small functions left.

      1. Random()
        see random() #output: random number
        see random(100) #output: random number <= 100
        see random(10) #output: random number <= 10
      2. Unsigned()
        see unsigned(5, 10, '+') #output: 15
        see unsigned(5, 10, '*') #output: 50
      3. Decimals()
        see 5.12345 + decimals(3) #output: 5.123
        see 5.12345 + decimals(2) #output: 5.12


Yeah, This is all about the mathematical functions in Ring.

See you in the next chapter.


Ring Documentation Walkthrough #11 – Math

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