Ring Documentation Walkthrough #13 – System Functions

Welcome to the new chapter ‘System Functions‘, this is a very easy chapter.

our functions:

  1. system() – exceute a system command.
  2. get() – get environment variables like PATH, TEMP .. etc
  3. isMSDOS() – check if the operation system is msDOS or not, returns 1 if true, 0 if false
  4. isWindows(), isWindows64(), isUnix(), isMacOSX(), isLinux(), isFreeBSD(), isAndroid() – all returns 1 if true, 0 if false
  5. windowsNL() – returns the windows’ new line string that contains : CR+LF { char(13) + char(10) }

  6. sysargv – it’s a list contains the command line parameters.

    see sysargv

  7. filename() – returns the active script file name.

This is pretty much what we have in the chapter.

see you in the final one.


Ring Documentation Walkthrough #13 – System Functions

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