Ring Documentation Walkthrough #What now ?


What now ?

First of all, Congratulation!.

There’re alot of advanced stuff in the language i didn’t cover yet, this tutorial was just a basic introduction into the language.

I’d like to thank Eng. Mahmoud Fayed for helping and supporting me through the tutorial.

The official group for the team members is here, where we ask question, fix errors and bugs, learn things .. etc

I’ve deticated a post in the blog to be a full guide for the Ring’s links/blogs..etc, you can find it here, this will be updated every while and it contains lots of useful links and resources.

The Ring team have made such an amazing work till this time, i will practice more on using the Ring in many programs and i will back with a new better tutorial later, and till this time i will be posting codes and programs written in Ring.

And ASAP i will release the tutorial on YouTube in Arabic.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, i’ll see you soon.

amrESSAM, ribdev.

Ring Documentation Walkthrough #What now ?

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