NOTE: The tutorial is using the first version of Ring 1.0, there’re newer versions.
So you can use my tutorial as a secondary resource for learning the Ring after the official documentation that you’ll find on the official website.

The Ring language was created by Eng. Mahmoud Fayed, it was released on 25 Jan, 2016.

Everything you want to know about the creator and the language is here.

The Official Website: http://ring-lang.net

RosetteCode: Here

My documentation walkthrough: Here

The Ring is available now on Windows, macOS and Ubuntu, And it’s available with Qt too.

The Source Code 1.0 is available to download on the Official Website.

Ring Syntax for IDEs is available for Notepad++, Visual Studio, Sublime Text, Geany and Atom Editor.

And Finally, All the resources you need: Samples, Arabic Video Tutorials and Tutorial Blogs are here, there’re many awesome tutorials and examples in the link that will help you to understand the language easily.

There’s more to come later, stay tuned…